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Delivering uncommon expertise and outside-of-the-box solutions in public policy, strategic communications, and organizational consulting.

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    The majority of our team identifies as a person of color, disabled, LGBTQ, woman, or immigrant
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    Fueled by insightful strategy, creative tactics, and plain old hustle
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Driven By Our Values

Our talented and passionate team champions diversity, equity, and justice as core values that ignite our mission for impactful change in corporate, nonprofit, government, and foundation work. These values are not just words on a page; they are guiding principles that are embedded into our culture and client interactions.

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A Transformative Approach

At Raben, our work isn’t simply transactional; we are driven to build lasting relationships centered around shared values and a collective vision for a better world.

We lead by example, going above and beyond to support our clients' goals. Our work to change cultural narratives, build coalitions, and fill unmet needs in society is helping to shift the faces of power and influence in America.

We’ve chosen client services as the manner through which we pursue our vision for a more equitable, just and fair America, because we’ve found this platform to be an effective means to engage the levers of power in our society — government, business, nonprofits, and philanthropy.

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Hard Work & Humor

While we take our work seriously, we are not your average stuffy "suits." Behind our game-changing initiatives and groundbreaking campaigns, lies a team with a wicked sense of humor. While dropping truth bombs can quickly move the needle, we’ve also seen how a well-timed punchline can effectively break down barriers and keep us kind.

It’s this balance of hard work, humor, and humanity that helps us to find common ground among people who think they disagree, and change the way that power is distributed in leadership, government, and business.

From One to Number 1


Established in 2002 by Robert Raben, a former assistant attorney general, Raben began as a solo venture driven by a passion for impactful work.

Two Decades of Growth

Fueled by insightful strategy, creative tactics, and plain old hustle, the firm rapidly expanded, attracting talented professionals who shared a commitment to building a different kind of agency — one rooted in justice and equity, rather than mere profit and transactions.


Today, Raben stands as the largest majority-minority public affairs firm in the nation. Our client portfolio ranges from small, start-up nonprofits to some of the world’s biggest global corporations and foundations.

Strength in Diversity

Nearly 100% of our team holds one or more of the following identities; woman, person-of-color, LGBTQ+, person with a disability, religious minority or immigrant.

The Raben team proves that a diverse group of people from marginalized backgrounds can thrive at the highest levels of excellence, through commitment, deep thinking, a love of learning, creativity, and hard work.

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Focused on Impact

Our extensive networks and deep advocacy roots within LGBTQ communities and communities of color — combined with our experience in politics and media — pave the way to unlock possibilities for real change.

We're dedicated to amplifying the power of forward-thinking leaders and organizations, fostering equity across sectors, and championing underrepresented communities. Our mission is to make corporations and philanthropies more equitable, organizations more inclusive, and to spearhead initiatives that bridge societal gaps.

We stand by our commitment to:

  • Multiply impact
  • Diversify representation
  • Strengthen communities
  • Channel resources effectively
  • Create new avenues of influence
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Our Values

These non-negotiables set us apart.

  • Strategic

    We empower clients with purposeful leadership, navigating complexities with creativity and curiosity. Our cross-disciplinary insights and proactive approach drive progress and meaningful outcomes. We anticipate and keep seeking ways that we can move our client’s interests forward.

  • Accurate

    Integrity defines our commitment to providing precise solutions that don’t compromise on quality. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We set clear expectations, meet them consistently, and hold ourselves accountable to deliver exceptional results.

  • Responsive

    Our clients’ needs fuel our organization. We deliver — on time and with excellence — all while providing added value and insights. Because when you’re a client, your fight is ours and we want to do the best work possible.

  • Inclusive

    Recognizing talent as universal but opportunity as unequal, we actively invest in leveling the playing field. Our commitment to equity drives us to identify and leverage resources for broader access.

  • Kind

    Deeply rooted in our work for societal justice and equity, we approach our endeavors with heart, intent, and mutual respect.

What Our Clients Say

  • The Raben Group’s insights into the inner working of Washington has been fundamental to our successful federal policy strategy on behalf of the children and families of Los Angeles. Their relationships inside and outside the Beltway are invaluable, and they are always respectful, kind, and committed partners in furthering our work.

    Steve Zimmer Former Los Angeles Unified School District Board President

  • We worked with Raben in a variety of settings – from helping us develop a broad, multi-faceted coalition, to developing important public policy to combat childhood trauma, and drafting reports that we distributed to countless stakeholders. Raben displayed its skill, determination, and talent in each of these areas and more. They also quickly became our trusted advisors and friends. We are big fans of Raben.

    Esta Soler President & Founder, Futures Without Violence

  • It’s a true testament to their passion and commitment that Raben has managed this entire project to create a Smithsonian American Latino Museum as a largely pro-bono effort. As the board chair for the Friends of the American Latino Museum, I know we are signing up for a marathon project, and Raben has committed a large team and substantial resources to running this project because they truly believe in the accurate representation of Latinos in America.

    Cid Wilson President & CEO, Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility

  • For a number of years now, Raben has played an important part in helping develop Everytown’s federal policy strategy and in establishing our Creative Council, which brings together prominent cultural voices to speak out against gun violence. For both policy and culture change, we have relied on Raben’s strong relationships, their nimbleness in times of crisis, their shrewd advice, and their willingness to partner with us to save lives by keeping guns out of dangerous hands.

    Erika Soto Lamb Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

  • The strategic thinking and comprehensive suite of services The Raben Group has provided the Council on Regional Economic Expansion and Educational Development has allowed us to expedite the growth of our organization, quickly develop education initiatives that will dramatically change the educational landscape and opportunities in the region, and has given us visibility as education changemakers in Texas.

    Richard Castro Chairman of the CREEED Board

  • Raben is one of the best political consulting firms I’ve ever worked with. Their performance is consistently outstanding. Raben staff quickly got up to speed on the very technical aspects of our issue and represent us with expert precision. They are professional, detail-oriented, and skilled with both logistics and substance.

    Janet Nudelman BCPP Director of Program and Policy

  • Raben has brought incredible value to The Borderplex Alliance and to the entire El Paso/Ciudad Juarez border region. If you want to reach the eyes and ears of decision makers in Washington, D.C. or Austin, they’ll develop a comprehensive advocacy plan for you. If you want to change the narrative about your region, they’ll run an effective messaging campaign for you. If you want to build a coalition, they’ll do it without blinking an eye. The Borderplex Alliance has greatly benefited from their expertise

    Woody L. Hunt Founding Chairman of The Borderplex Alliance

  • Working with the Raben was the most important choice we made during the development of the national Arts2Work initiative. From leading the initial research, to creating the language that defined Arts2Work, drafting and distributing the press release, building stakeholder relationships in government and across industry sectors, producing strategic Congressional briefings — Raben advisors were sophisticated and strategic thought partners from day one, and innovative, visionary impact producers throughout the life of the program. Their team is amazing.

    Wendy Levy Executive Director, Alliance for Media Arts + Culture