Drive Culture Change

For us, issue campaigns are really about culture change.

The strength of Raben is that we understand the issues and we know how to create campaigns for change.

What is the change you want to see in the world? What does your campaign need at a particular juncture to shift the culture toward that change? There are a range of tools in our toolbox, including helping you build coalitions, driving up public awareness, and pushing the right levers to engender culture-changing movements as far-reaching as your aspirations.

They Really Said It

For both policy and culture change, we have relied on Raben’s strong relationships and shrewd advice.

Erika Soto Lamb Former Chief Communications Officer, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Client Results

  • Our work toward historic preservation of the event that catalyzed the human rights movement, and honoring the Till family meted the designation of a national park, the curation of a children’s exhibit, a Congressional Gold Medal in the names of Emmett and Mrs. Mobley, and the passing of the Emmett Till Antilynching bill.

  • We created a strategy to launch Nikole Hannah-Jones's new platform at Howard University for strengthening investigative journalism in service of a multi-racial democracy.

  • We partnered with the Obama Foundation initiative, My Brother’s Keeper, to create an engagement platform designed to harness the assets and relationships of America’s leading philanthropies, NGOs, and corporations to support new opportunities for boys and young men of color.

How We Help

While it’s often tempting to jump right into tactics, we take a pause with our clients to get clear on strategy first. What does success look like? How precisely can we articulate what will be happening when we have successfully achieved your goals? Who are the audiences and stakeholders that can help deliver that success? What do we need them to know, and do? Whether you’re trying to influence decision-makers or elevate an issue to a wider audience, we can help you get clear on your precise goals, conduct the analysis that will help you gauge what’s possible, and craft a strategy with you that will maximize the return on your resources.

We work in the world you want to influence. Let us help you with effective strategy development and the project management you need to unite the right partners around your shared goals. Raben can work with you to map the range of stakeholders who may be open to working in coalition with you, doing the legwork to identify where shared interests lie. We are experts in both the art and science of effective coalition work - from outreach and cultivation to MOUs and interpersonal facilitation.

Our coalitions work because we excel as trusted advisors who can quickly engender collaboration between diverse parties — while respecting your important differences.

Without smart strategy and effective action, great ideas serve no one. We thrive on rolling up our sleeves to translate your programmatic and policy ambitions into actionable initiatives — and provide specific metrics and milestones to sustain momentum.

Let us implement a strategy that brings your great ideas to life, and turn generalities into outcomes that execute on your big priorities.

We can build momentum around your goals by tailoring an approach that engages and mobilizes key third-party relationships, grassroots and grasstops leaders, and other critical stakeholders.

Our comprehensive and strategic approach identifies stakeholders, mapping them by interest and level of influence. And, because our team begins with trusting relationships across virtually every issue area and sector that your work may intersect, we’re able to dig deeper, uncover layers of nuance, and advise you on how best to position your organization and issue within existing dynamics.