Our Expertise


Our education practice is centered on a basic proposition — kids of all ages should get a fair shot at the American Dream. We go deep in early education, K-12, special education, and higher education while also taking advantage of the firm’s deep expertise in government affairs, communications, strategic planning, and DEI. Need a federal advocacy strategy or help to execute yours? Call Raben. Need to get your higher education funding priority into the appropriations bill? Call Raben. Need to develop a communications plan highlighting your critical work supporting low-income students? Call Raben. Need help navigating the political landscape? Call Raben. You get the idea.

Client Results

  • We crafted a communications strategy to help Planned Parenthood fend off an international PR crisis that threatened its ability to deliver essential health services to women across America.

  • We conceived and executed a groundbreaking campaign to end the use of the phrase “child prostitute” by the news media. As a result of the campaign, the Associated Press urged its reporters and editors to no longer use the phrase.

Other areas we’re making a difference.

We’ve been working for decades in these areas of focus.