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Arts, Culture & Entertainment Strategies

Every social change starts here — with the voices we elevate, and the stories we tell. We’ll help you tell those stories so they reach the audience they deserve, and make a lasting impact.

We recognize the transformative power of storytelling and the arts. It's not just about capturing attention; it's about shaping narratives, influencing culture, and propelling policy in a more humane and progressive direction.

Think: A film impact campaign that changes the narrative on criminal justice, a digital campaign that captures the attention of the White House, an art project projected on the skyscrapers of Manhattan. From visual arts to books, sports to fashion, TV to TikTok, we know how to navigate those cultural spheres and make a meaningful impact.

Leveraging our extensive experience and connections in entertainment, media, policymaking, nonprofits and cultural institutions, Raben works with changemakers to create cultural campaigns and activations that break through the noise. And we work with artists to ensure that their work makes an indelible impact.

  • Raben successfully joined forces with a dynamic production company for a voter mobilization campaign. The end result was a riveting initiative centered on voter registration, seamlessly blending entertainment with a powerful social impact message.

  • Raben worked with producer Scott Budnick and One Community to raise $10M for a groundbreaking Just Mercy social impact campaign. With Represent Justice, we mobilized 200+ partners, engaged 200+ influencers, and reached 42M media impressions. In the face of COVID-19, we spurred 3,000+ calls, leading to the release of low-level offenders in pandemic-hit prisons.

  • Working directly with Raben, the festival tackled gender and harassment issues head-on, transcending its traditional audience. This partnership led to a vibrant transformation featuring enhanced diversity in art, behind-the-scenes, and beyond.