Strategy Groups

Faith Strategies

A platform for supporting faith-centered leaders nationwide.

We hold a simple belief: A stronger connection with the millions of Americans who are faith-driven can lead to an improvement in public policy. Raben’s Faith Strategies Group is a platform for supporting faith-centered leaders nationwide whose battles in the issues of our time are grounded in the power and clarity of their faith.

At its best, religion cultivates relationships, builds trust, and empowers community. We also recognize that religion can and has been used to harm and divide. Indeed, religion and politics are two of the most divisive subjects in our society. Yet, at Raben, we’ve chosen to dive into the messiness of it all because we recognize how religion and politics are at play in everything our clients seek to achieve.

We’ve seen evangelical leaders move toward support of climate change. We’ve seen conservative Black pastors opposed to abortion and gay equality still vote for a progressive ticket. And we’ve seen NGOs and political groups remain flummoxed at what to do with the tectonic shifts among Latinos between Catholicism and evangelical attachments.

Advocates simply cannot achieve lasting policy change without a nuanced understanding of — and engagement with — the ways religion shapes U.S. culture. We are dedicated to investing in improving relationships to build coalitions for righteous causes. Our goal is to help faith leaders engage in public policy in a way that makes a difference.