Shape and Advance Policy

We Speak Policy.

We help you shape and advance your policy objectives. 

In some cases, this means we use our ample networks and deep roots in government and public affairs to connect you to policymakers across the nation, from Capitol Hill to the seats of state and local government. Our teams have helped to pass legislation and regulations at every level of government, and we’ve helped a diverse slate of hundreds of judicial and executive nominees secure Senate confirmation, ensuring we have a government that represents the full life experiences of the American people.

They Really Said It

Raben is one of the best political consulting firms I’ve ever worked with.

Janet Nudelman BCPP Director of Program and Policy

Client Results

  • We worked on a federal ban on phthalates in kids' toys and baby bottles, supporting a range of voices to ensure the protection of babies and children from these dangerous chemicals.

  • By helping forge new partnerships, determine new investments, and expand representation among women and Black, Asian American, and Latino communities, Discovery was able to persuade Congress and regulatory agencies on the community benefits of a merger with WarnerMedia.

  • Our advocacy work led to a provision for veterans with combat-related injuries that prevented them from starting a family to access IVF as a covered healthcare benefit.

How We Help

During our more than two decades working at the highest levels of power and influence in the federal government, Raben has also had the privilege of supporting hundreds of diverse nominees navigate the arduous Senate confirmation process — from the district courts up to the highest court in the land, from cabinet secretaries to the scores of executive branch appointees that move our country forward.

Well before a nominee sits down to face the dais in a Senate hearing room, their nomination has been supported by third-party stakeholder campaigns, bi-partisan advocacy, hearing preparation, and rapid response media relations.

We do this work because we believe strongly that an effective federal government must closely reflect the totality of the identities and experiences of the American people that it is there to serve.

Effective advocacy isn’t simply just showing up when you want something. It’s about fostering your own relationships in government, so that you have open doors when you need them.

From strategy development and intelligence gathering to Congressional testimony and platform creation, we can help you build clarity, shape how you want to be seen, and cultivate allies.

We work with you to engender mutually beneficial relationships with policymakers and their staff, creating powerful opportunities to harness the government's oversight processes.

Our team understands the pulse of government, and excels at forecasting and scenario casting for policy and political outcomes. Whether assessing the potential risks associated with different policy scenarios and helping clients develop strategies to mitigate these risks, or analyzing potential future policy developments and their implications, we can help you make informed decisions and navigate uncertain policy environments effectively.

We know how to advance good policy — or, if necessary, halt ineffective legislation in its tracks at every level of government. We have held members of Congress accountable to their constituents, shepherded top-level nominations in the executive and judicial branches, and ensured diverse voices are heard by decision-makers.

We can provide additional support in developing a lobbying strategy, planning and staffing your advocacy days and fly-ins, and delivering lobbying training to your staff and members.

We are strategic guides in navigating the political landscape for your specific policy issue. Let us develop the right set of policy principles and translate those principles into “Washington-speak,” educating and informing legislators and executive branch officials so that you can best engage their support.

We also monitor legislation and proposed regulatory changes every step of the way, helping you understand their impact, and assessing alternatives.

We can build momentum around your goals by tailoring an approach that engages and mobilizes key third-party relationships, grassroots and grasstops leaders, and other critical stakeholders.

Our comprehensive and strategic approach identifies stakeholders, mapping them by interest and level of influence. And, because our team begins with trusting relationships across virtually every issue area and sector that your work may intersect, we’re able to dig deeper, uncover layers of nuance, and advise you on how best to position your organization and issue within existing dynamics.