Amplify and Drive Conversations

Our communications professionals rewrite narratives, one meaningful communication at a time.

From press, digital, social, and in-person outreach — we create a solid plan, land the messaging, and can even provide staffing to support execution that provides the greatest reach and impact.

Client Results

  • We crafted a communications strategy to help Planned Parenthood fend off an international PR crisis that threatened its ability to deliver essential health services to women across America.

  • We managed the legislative and communications strategies, impact events, and voter turnout efforts for a coalition to raise public awareness and give Puerto Ricans a voice in Washington after their island was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

How We Help

Bolster your current team’s diverse communication needs. Whether it's a short-term need or a prolonged engagement, Raben excels in augmenting your communication capabilities during critical junctures, or in periods of transition. We can also help you build out new communications infrastructure, which we can manage long-term or pass off to permanent staff.

We work with authors and publishers to amplify the impact of your books. From identifying audiences and looking for intersections in culture and current conversations, to developing media outreach and engagement plans, we get people talking about your work. Our team also has extensive experience helping authors navigate the speaker’s circuit and connecting influential voices to your books.

The diversifying communications landscape requires a competitive digital strategy. Our team can help you develop a digital strategy that will grow your audience, increase engagement, and amplify your message online. From persuasive email campaigns to social media campaigns, let us activate your members and supporters and elevate critical voices and issues.

From TED-style speeches to keynote addresses, we can prepare your key spokespeople to get their messages to the right audiences. We offer soup-to-nuts support; from research, drafting, editing, and slide-deck creation, to one-on-one prep.

We know that clear and purpose-driven communication provides clarity, strengthens your teams, and nurtures a resilient company culture.

In moments of crisis or internal pressure, you can lean on us for support. Let us craft the narratives you need to communicate clearly and foster trust. We also specialize in communications coaching, helping leadership staff and board with messaging for challenging transitions, issues of alignment, or sudden departures.

Beyond crisis communication, we can create innovative communication strategies that bolster staff engagement, invigorate your workforce, and inspire deeper productivity and loyalty. Lean on our team to curate agendas for internal town halls, hold focus groups, and run debriefing sessions for your internal stakeholders.

Whether you need a meeting with a local editorial board or you want to get your story covered by the nation’s most respected newsrooms, our team can connect you with key players at every level.

We have expertise in media messaging, and a proven track record of placing stories and booking clients with national and niche media outlets. And our media training for broadcast, digital, and print interviews are designed to help you maximize every press opportunity.

Is there a gap between your current and ideal brand? Who are your potential new partners or audiences? And what are your key messages to those groups?

Whether you’re diving deep into your branding and messaging, or looking at high-level strategy, we are here to connect you with your audiences through an informed brand plan and strategic rollout.

From complete brand overhauls to connecting well-established brands with new clients, we do communication audits, environmental scans, and stakeholder interviews to deeply understand your brand and your space. We also create narrative guides, messaging toolkits and corresponding brand design assets through the Raben Creative studio, to build your brand identity and all the assets you need to succeed.

Our firm specializes in connecting clients with niche media and multicultural outlets. Because of our staff's diversity, we can speak your audience’s language, literally and figuratively, and identify important cultural touchpoints for a variety of groups.

Let us help translate complex issues into messages that authentically resonate with and engage your target audience.

We craft policy communications that drive support with the public and politicians alike.

Let us navigate complex policy issues by conducting in-depth research with experts and focus groups to help you understand the public's response and identify resonating messaging.

We guide our clients on the best communication avenues including editorials, press releases, Hill-facing communications, one-pagers, and newsletters, creating or editing content as needed.

Our in-house design studio offers an array of services including designing and building fully functional websites, developing robust branding collateral including custom logos, production of both live and animated video content, and creating custom social media campaigns and graphics.

With pressures and strains on every organization, it is important to have a plan in place for whatever crisis may come your way. Whether communicating with funders, constituencies, staff, or the media – you need to be clear about your key messages in a changing environment, have talking points for the tough questions, and identify and empower your strongest spokespeople. Let us craft the narratives you need to communicate clearly and foster trust.