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AAPI Strategies

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States. Nearly two-thirds of AAPIs are immigrants or refugees and — contrary to problematic “model minority” framing — many AAPIs face language and resource barriers, issues of mis- or non-representation, and tremendous in-group diversity and factionalization.

We believe that there are core cross-movement lessons to learn, knowledge to exchange, and solidarities to build, and we seek to use our expertise on issues of race, civil rights, advocacy, and historical truth-telling to help advance these objectives.

Ultimately, we are pleased to partner with organizations working to increase the visibility of AAPI communities and shift public policy on the issues that most impact these communities, including voting rights, criminal justice reform, economic opportunity, and immigration reform. Our efforts include expanding the number of AAPI government and civic leaders and amplifying their visibility in the media, as well as engaging AAPI leaders in government and advocacy organizations as a resource and connector.

Client Results

  • Raben ran powerful earned and social media campaigns for the Southern Poverty Law Center, shedding light on the surge of white supremacy in the military and the alarming increase in anti-AAPI hate crimes. Our efforts garnered widespread coverage in top-tier national outlets such as The Associated Press, ABC News, Axios, PBS, and MSNBC. Additionally, we crafted and strategically placed three compelling op-eds in key regional newspapers.

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