Our Expertise

Congressional Hearings & Oversight

We know how to staff and support your needs when Congress calls because we have been there: our staff has designed, led, and staffed countless hearings, and a number of us have, ourselves, testified many times.   

Congressional hearings are a key venue to highlight your most pressing issues and priorities. Our team is skilled at influencing the content and messaging of hearings, as well as witness preparation and staffing. Successful organizations strategically convey their story and desired image, leveraging hearings and oversight events to define themselves to policymakers and cultivate allies. 

For more than two decades, Raben has built expertise around Congress. Members of our team:

  • Have served as both majority and minority counsel and staff to congressional committees, having crafted oversight requests, and conceived of and staffed hundreds of hearings

  • Have led the legislative affairs offices of multiple cabinet departments, responding to oversight requests across party lines. 

  • Have testified before Congress on oversight issues.

  • Regularly prepare witnesses and provide guidance to congressional committees.

  • Are often called on to comment in the media on oversight issues.

We’ve got this — and we’ve got you in this process.

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