Build Impactful Cultural Solutions

At Raben, we believe DEI is a value, not a function.

We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are more than ethically important - they drive organizational transformation and make good business sense. 

When done right, these activities should clearly align with your overall organizational strategy. Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion can unleash new capabilities within your teams, while generating robust opportunities for authentic engagement, partnership, and impact.

Raben embodies these guiding beliefs and goes beyond simply rolling out training sessions. We work closely with employees, leadership teams, boards, and non-profit organizations to develop the foundational elements to a more comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy that can filter through every functional area in your business.

Client Results

  • When AirBnB was looking to strengthen their DEI implementation, we helped them to shape internal and external nondiscrimination language, and developed a corresponding curriculum and training materials for their hosts.

How We Help

For any strategic implementation, it’s hard to know where to go without knowing where you’re starting. Raben looks at data as power, and we can employ a combination of survey instruments, focus groups and/or interviews to help your team find a launching point. We will work with you to understand your employees’ and other stakeholders’ perceptions of your current DEI state, while using those survey results to guide the strongest path forward.

Assessments can help get stakeholders engaged early on in the transformation process, leading to a sustainable effort. They can also be key to revealing opportunities for refining interviewing, onboarding, performance evaluations and other HR, marketing and operational processes. From there, establishing a baseline for measuring success will be possible.

Raben uses data-driven equity tools and cutting-edge approaches to scrutinize our clients’ existing and proposed internal policies and practices. From performance reviews and promotion criteria to hiring and retention practices, recruitment, and pipeline development, we leave no stone unturned. Our proven track record extends to partnering with some of the most recognizable corporate and nonprofit brands, ensuring their workforces and products represent a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

We understand that discussions focused on race, religion, gender, LGBTQ status, disability, and other elements of identity are some of the hardest issues to discuss in public life. Raben brings considerable experience working with clients to facilitate dialogues sensitively, helping your teams gain clarity on their aspirations, barriers, commitments, and responsibilities to fostering an inclusive environment.

We’re all about ensuring that equity isn’t just a buzzword but is something woven into the fabric of your processes and decision-making structures. Our team is here to be your ongoing partner to make sure your equity strategy is adopted with the greatest opportunity for long-term success.

We recognize the transformative impact of engaging external stakeholders to inform and bolster your commitment to driving diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Our proven track record includes expertly facilitating strategic partnerships and building influential coalitions. These collaborations authentically connect organizations with diverse audiences to further illustrate the inclusiveness of their efforts.

We get that shaking things up in an organization requires digging into how power works, who’s calling the shots and who’s in the loop. Raben brings considerable experience working with clients to co-design and facilitate a strategic planning journey to help leaders, board members, and staff lay the groundwork for a comprehensive DEI strategic plan that sticks.

We deeply understand the subtle nuances across team dynamics and work across all levels of an organization⸺including employees and C-suite leaders⸺to create a shared vision for driving diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies while achieving maximum buy-in from all stakeholders.

We can help your teams learn the current scientific research on bias, how it weaves its way through the human brain, and the way biases influence our perceptions and actions. Real change starts with knowledge, and our clients have found this exercise to enhance their internal employee engagement, too. We can develop and facilitate customized workshops to include presentations, dialogue, role-playing activities, and Q&A sessions.