Create Change Through the Arts

Stories, film, and art are our 21st Century weapons of mass construction.

Nothing has the power to engage grassroots audiences and influence grasstops decision makers like the arts.

Our team works with leading artists, tech and entertainment companies, philanthropists, and NGOs to make change and influence public policy through compelling stories, films, and the arts.

They Really Said It

Sophisticated and strategic thought partners from day one, and innovative, visionary impact producers.

Wendy Levy Executive Director, Alliance for Media Arts + Culture

Client Results

  • Raben worked with producer Scott Budnick and One Community to raise $10M for a groundbreaking Just Mercy social impact campaign. With Represent Justice, we mobilized 200+ partners, engaged 200+ influencers, and reached 42M media impressions. In the face of COVID-19, we spurred 3,000+ calls, leading to the release of low-level offenders in pandemic-hit prisons.

  • Raben successfully joined forces with a dynamic production company for a voter mobilization campaign. The end result was a riveting initiative centered on voter registration, seamlessly blending entertainment with a powerful social impact message.

  • Working directly with Raben, the festival tackled gender and harassment issues head-on, transcending its traditional audience. This partnership led to a vibrant transformation featuring enhanced diversity in art, behind-the-scenes, and beyond.

How We Help

Culture shifts can start small. And generating a groundswell of attention — and action — around a film, book, play, or work of art requires a ground-up approach. Our team has the tools and training needed to reach and engage key grassroots audiences, cultivate their support, and move them to act in favor of your issue and initiative.

From strategy to action, execution is where the magic happens. We lead and manage campaigns that drive impact. We plan our work and work our plans, and have the agility needed to adapt to climate shifts, respond to breaking news, and use the media cycle to your advantage to harness change.

In the era of the one-minute news cycle, the public is inundated with content from every which way including the palm of our own hands. The noise and clutter make it hard to get your messages out. We work with our clients to achieve media placements and develop compelling narratives and messages that matter — and which have the power to penetrate the noise.

We design and develop strategies with our clients that allow them to create meaningful and positive change in the world. From the public sector across the media arts and entertainment industry, our framework for strategy development begins with the core question of “how?” What does success look like? And, how do you measure it?

Oftentimes, the messenger can be more important than the message itself. To deploy the media and messages that matter most, we connect our clients and their work with their movement’s peers and influencers who can carry the torch and amplify reach. Our team has deep relationships and knowledge across core social issue areas, including civil rights, criminal justice reform, education, environment, gun safety immigration, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, reproductive justice, sexual harassment and assault, and women’s rights.