New York, NY

A director in Raben’s Culture, Strategy, and Organizational Design practice, Stephanie Ramírez brings years of experience in project management, research, and innovative strategies and a passion for social change to her work.

Prior to joining Raben, Stephanie worked at the City of New York’s Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, where her efforts centered around bail reform and reentry initiatives, including a city-wide program aimed at providing an alternative to traditional money bail that decreased pre-trial detention citywide. She worked closely with nonprofit program providers to develop and implement strategies that promoted fairness, improved public safety, and reduced unnecessary incarceration. Prior to that, Stephanie worked for Open Society Foundations, where she focused on several priority areas, including education equity, strategic communications, and strengthening economic advancement. Earlier in her career, she worked at a number of nonprofit organizations throughout the New York City area.

A volunteer for an education organization that supports college and career readiness programming for youth in Harlem and Brooklyn, Stephanie is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and a first-generation college graduate, which has shaped her passion for advancing social justice. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and spending quality time with her dog.