Raben Initiative

Aquí: The Accountability Movement

Incubating a new Latino accountability organization.

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Why Did We Create Aquí: The Accountability Movement?

Widespread anti-Latino rhetoric persists today, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and fueling the mistreatment and discrimination faced by Latino communities.

The media, public, and private sector’s failure to adequately represent and acknowledge Latinos substantially diminishes their impact and authority.

In response, Latino leaders are advocating for the establishment of an independent, nonpartisan organization solely committed to accountability.

The Goal

Aquí will defend the culture and monitor media to assess how Latinos are being represented across platforms. It will fight for fair and accurate portrayals of Latinos, demand full representation for Latinos in positions of power across the private and public sectors, and challenge harmful stereotypes, misinformation, and demagoguery. It will raise the question of what corporations and other major U.S. institutions are doing year-round to invest in and support la Comunidad. Aquí draws inspiration from storied organizations that have done this kind of work well on behalf of their respective communities, including the Anti-Defamation League, Color of Change, and GLAAD.

I am deeply moved by the profound impact of this program. Aqui aligns with our mission to uplift and empower Latino communities, where so few organizations have attempted to move the needle. Witnessing the positive transformations and newfound opportunities generated by this initiative reinforces our dedication to advancing equity, amplifying voices, and fostering a future where every Latino individual can thrive.

Jacqueline Martinez Garcel CEO, Latino Community Foundation