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How Has Raben Worked with Everytown for Gun Safety?

Raben worked alongside former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to help stand up “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” The organization has since evolved into Everytown for Gun Safety — America’s leading gun safety organization.

In that time, Raben has played multiple roles, including serving as their D.C. office, spearheading multiple fly-ins of mayors, survivors, and moms, developing their Creative Council, and helping Everytown become a consistent voice in Washington for the gun violence prevention movement. Over the years, the Raben team has helped shape the Mayors’ and Everytown's lobbying and media strategies, and has ensured that Everytown’s message is heard in Washington, D.C.

Through policy and communications work, the Raben team has played a leading role in helping Everytown defeat the priorities of the National Rifle Association. From facilitating relations between key constituencies to reaching out to members of Congress and organizing events, Raben has worked alongside Everytown to push for policies that reduce gun violence and create safer communities.

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