Raben Initiative

Diverse Assets Managers Initiative

Increasing the racial and gender diversity of asset managers in the financial sector.

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Why Did We Create the Diverse Asset Managers Initiative?

Today, people of color are the most likely to be negatively impacted by climate change and environmental injustices They are also the least represented in positions of power in environmental NGOs and government agencies. Raben created Green 2.0, believing that lasting environmental change starts with every voice being heard.

A Coordinated Vibrant Effort

Board members and C-Suite executives are critical in managing their institutions’ assets and capital. Externally, investment consultants are key in linking institutional investors to asset managers.

DAMI’s goal is to increase the absolute number of, and assets under management by, diverse-owned asset management firms for institutional investors, with a specific focus on public, corporate, faith, and labor union pension funds as well as foundation and university endowments.

DAMI designs the research to move the field and creates the tools and best practices asset allocators can rely on. The Fiduciary Guide to Investing with Diverse Asset Managers and Firms is an excellent example of the collateral we can create, from start to finish. The annual Investment Consultant Survey — which we also produce — has been covered in industry publications, including Bloomberg News and FundFire.

The Outcome

This effort pressures and persuades asset managers — including university endowments, pension funds, and high-net-worth individuals — to increase the percentage of women and people of color who manage their funds.