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Green 2.0

An environmental watchdog for inequalities across the environmental sector.

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Why Did We Create Green 2.0?

Today, people of color are the most likely to be negatively impacted by climate change and environmental injustices They are also the least represented in positions of power in environmental NGOs and government agencies. Raben created Green 2.0, believing that lasting environmental change starts with every voice being heard.

Our work has elevated and sustained public attention on the racial demographics of the leadership of the environmental field.

Increasing Leadership Diversity

Green 2.0 (formally the Green Diversity Initiative) was founded to ensure that the environmental movement is committed to justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity and recognizes the leadership of people of color at every level of the movement.

Green 2.0 drives accountability in the environmental sector through data and visibility — including praise and exposure of individual NGOs, foundations, and government agencies — and their collective work on national initiatives and priorities. The group creates transparency report cards that publish demographic data on more than 60 environmental NGOs and foundations.

Annual transparency report cards drive accountability.

Raben's Role

Through data collection, groundbreaking reports, and strategic outreach, Raben supported Green 2.0’s work to ensure more diverse candidates are represented at the highest levels in the mainstream environmental movement.

We elevated and sustained public attention on the racial demographics of leadership in the environmental field — as well as how well these leaders were positioned to have a strong voice in the work they were a part of.

We commissioned four reports by well-renowned academic women of color on key issues, including the green insider’s club, executive searches, inclusive organizations, promotions, and retention.

Now thriving as a fully-staffed, independent 501(c)(3), Green 2.0 served as a sustained drumbeat to move the environmental movement toward increased opportunities for people of color and a climate where talented people of color can thrive.