Senior Manager, Business Development

San Francisco Bay Area

Sidra Zia is Raben's senior manager of business development, where she manages the overall proposal development process, leads in developing business collateral, works with clients to meet their needs, and helps showcase the firm’s work in a refreshing manner.

Sidra previously worked as the content director at a nonprofit in South Asia — The History Project — where she helped build values of empathy, critical thinking, and social justice in middle school children by using contrasting textbook history narratives from conflict regions as a tool. Through her work, Sidra was able to impact the lives of thousands of students across hundreds of schools in Pakistan and India. As a part of her work, she directed and co-authored the book, Partitioned Histories: The Other Side of Your Story. She also built The History Project’s content engine from scratch by leading multiple teams from different regions across the globe. Now, Sidra brings that global experience to her work at Raben.

Sidra holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Lahore University of Management Sciences and a master’s degree from Indiana University, Bloomington. She grew up in Lahore, Pakistan, loves traveling, learning about different cultures, and building her expertise in complex global social justice issues.